Bass and Fly Fishing Links

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Bass Fishing – Commercial sites with good instructional content
Bass Pro Shops, Outdoors Online. “The Complete Bass Fishing Resource” is not an overstatement. Centering mostly on the Michigan area, this commercial site offers good information; however, you must be a member with a login for archived articles. Good article on jig fishing for trout
Gary Yamamoto’s site and magazine subscription service. Do you want to learn from the creator of the Senko worm? For Senko rigging, follow this link
Kevin’s bass fishing site – a one stop source for bass fishing information." Good articles. The page designs are a bit crowded for my old eyes, but this site is a comprehensive bass fishing site with excellent articles. Another good resource.

On-Line Bass Fishing Stores

Bass Fishing – Regional: Tourism: Promotional If you live out West, check out this site. Central and Northern California bass fishing

Lure Manufacturers

Bass Fishing – Guides and Outfitters with archived articles Jim Porter is a published freelance writer with many credits. He has been a TV host, and he runs a guide service in Florida. Good articles. Fishing with Oregon’s top guides is a site with good content for fishing for salmon and steelhead on the Columbia River.

On-Line Directories for Bass Fishing:

Search – Fly Fishing Tips

Fly Fishing – Commercial sites with good instructional content A must visit and bookmark. My Montana site. –Dave Archer

On-Line Fly Fishing Stores

Fly Fishing – Regional: Tourism: Promotional A comprehensive fishing guide to Montana by Dave Archer

Fly Fishing – Guides and Outfitters with archived articles

On-Line Directories for Fly Fishing:

Article on streamer fishing
Great nymph photographs jig fishing for trout with a fly rod